The People capability maturity(pcmm) model came into existence in the year 1995.

The main objective of this pcmm is to manage and develop the workforce of  organization. The workforce in the sense ,the level of knowledge and skills that are available for forming the organization.

Actually before this there was Capability Maturity Model(CMM) but it focused on the organization process.

Whereas this PCMM focus on the developing the organization workforce.

As CMM has five maturity levels, this PCMM also has five maturity levels.

So this each maturity level helps to improve the organizational workforce.

If the organization has more mature , then it has greater capability to develop,

Attract  and retain the talented  persons .

The five maturity levels are

1)Initial level

2)Managed level

3)Defined level

4)Predictable level

5)Optimizing level


it is the first maturity level, it is called  adhoc process. Here the organizational will perform things and tasks in random. So the organizational level will have some success and some failures.


It is the second maturity level. It mainly focuses on the managers to take

Responsibilities for managing and developing their people .

The workforce practices implemented in this level focus on activities at uinit level.


It is the third maturity level. Here it mainly focuses on developing its organization workforce. These workforce represent the critical pillars, in supporting the stratergic business plan.


It is the fourth maturity level, the workforce compentices that were created at the defined level will be managed at this level.


At optimizing level , the entire organizational is focused on the continual improvement of the workgroup and organizational capability.


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