unit 1 -FAKE RATIONAL PROCESS (anudeep)

This concept of Faking of rational process was first proposed by David  L Parnas and Paul C. Clements

The rational way of designing a software is impossible.One can try for rational way of developing software but to acheive it is impossible.There are reasons for inability to      develop a software using rational process.one cannot be a perfect with his requirements to develop a software.

The below given are the 2 ways of approaching to develop a software



rational process: here every phase of software development is done in an rational way i.e   every phase of software development is done in an systematic way.

ideal process:here  every phase of software development is done by deriving and duplicating some of the earlier designed softwares

To become a perfect in developing a software using a rational way , it is required to know what is to be developed,what are the requirements to develop,how to implement the the various phases of software development.

Undoubtedly rational way of developing the software is better  But practically  it  is  impossible to meet the above criteria.we can develop the software  idealy  but  not  in  rational way.duplicating of rational process is not impossible but difficult  but mere getting of perfect rational way of developing software  is highly impossible and striving to acheive rational way of software development is useless



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