The  concept of scrum  was  first time introduced by  Jeff Sutherland

Scrum is an agile method designed to add energy,  focus,  clarity,   and transparency  to the project and implementation. because of this today we are using scrum,  in small,  mid size and large soft ware corporation in all the world.

Scrum is an inspect and adapt approach to continuous quality improvement to a business practices.

Actually scrum has emerged from a rough structure,  for iterative incremental development to a refined,  well structured straight forward framework for complex product development.

Scrum structure development is usually in terms of cycles of work known as sprints these cycles or iterations are less than or equal to one month in length and usually measured in weeks.  these sprints takes place one after the other, these sprints are completes irrespective of work has been completed or not and or never ended hence they are said to be time boxed .

At the beginning of each sprint   a functional team selects items from a list.

They will try to complete at the end of sprint and everyday there is a team meeting for re-planning the work to optimize.

At the end of the sprint they  send  whether customers requirement full filled or not.  and also includes feedback’s  from stake holders.



This is How Scrum Works

1)The product backlog

Here the scrum project is expressed in the product backlog

The product backlog is a optimized list of what’s required .

2) The  Sprint

Actually this sprint is usually four weeks in length .

The Sprints are of fixed duration and end on a specific date whether

the work has been completed or not  they are never extended.

3 )Sprint Planning

At the beginning of each Sprint,  the Sprint Planning Meeting takes

place.  The Product Owner and Scrum Team (with facilitation from

the Scrum Master) review the Product Backlog,  discuss the goals and

context for the items,  and the Scrum Team selects the items from the

Product Backlog to commit to complete by the end of the Sprint,

starting at the top of the Product Backlog.

Each item selected from the Product Backlog is designed and then

broken down to a set of individual tasks.  The list of tasks is recorded

in a document called the Sprint Backlog.

4 )Daily Scrum Meeting

This is short fifteen minute meeting that happens every work day at a specific time every one on the team should attend this meeting here the progress of the project is analyzed

This information may results in re-planning and further discussion.

5) Sprint Review and Retrospective

After the Sprint ends,  there is the Sprint Review,  where the Scrum team and stakeholder inspect what was done during the Sprint, discuss it,   and figure out what to do next ? .

Present at this meeting are the Product Owner,  Team Members,  and Scrum Master,  plus customers,   stakeholders,   experts,   executives,  and   anyone else interested.

Following the Sprint Review,  the team gets together for the Sprint

Retrospective which is an opportunity for the team to discuss what’s

working and what’s not working,  and agree on changes to try.

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