Lab evaluation 2 – kishore k


Software design methodologythat was used was star uml to accomplish the design of web framework for the online book strore, star UMl is an open source UML tool and it supports most of the diagram types specified.

design principles that can be embedded in the design are we include designing a simple onlineshopping portal. the site will provid a soothing shopping sexperience for customers. the system will allow more han on categories and different brands under the segment. The case will trace the following sequence.

A customer visits the online shopping portal. A customer may but item orjust visit the page and logout. the customer can select a segment to get the different products in the desired brand. the customer can select the product for purchasing. the process can be repeated for more items. once the customer finishes selecting the product the cart can be viewed, if the customer wants to edit the final cart it can be done here. for final payment the customer has to login the portal, if the customer is visiting for the first time he must register with the site, else the customer must use the login page to proceed. final cart is submitted for payment and card details and address are confirmed by the customer is confirmed with a shipment id and delivery of goods

Reliabilty is assured by providing a good framework for the customer while purchasing the product through the online prortal such that online portal perform user required function on a timely basis.

Maintanability in the online portal is assured by providing by providing easy to use framework so that the user can surf the portal without any problems such as correction that is found during the design of the web portal

Affordabality refers to charges on the product that the user can afford for and cost involved in designing the webportal.

compatibility the this framework for the online bookstore had been supported by with efficiency of usage and usability has been provided so that the online portal is userfriendly




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