Lab Evaluation 2 – Smitha

1. Design Methodology:

Spiral model can be used as the design methodology for this scenario. This is because spiral is best suited for inventory management related projects and since online book store includes storing huge data related to books and user details risk assessment has to be performed at every phase.

2. Universal Design and design principles:
Equitable Use: The design should not distinguish any group of users. Users from different profession should be able to find books related to their domain. T
Flexibility in Use: The advance search feature helps the user to provide wide range of preferences.
Simple, Intuitive Use: The guidelines provided should not be too technical to understand. They should be easy to understand and to operate.
Perceptible Information: Unnecessary guidelines should not be given. Fields which are self explanatory should not have guidelines provided.
Tolerance for error: Provide high security to prevent publicizing sensitive user information.
Low physical effort: Where ever possible drop down lists should be provided to prevent user from typing effort.

3. Features to be included:

Reliability : The system should provide high reliability by incorporating maximum security features since the user will be providing his account details for shopping purchase all these details should be hidden and should not be accessible to unauthorized person.
Affordability : This can be achieved by making sure that the user is able to get the list of books within the price range he/she has specified.
Usability : The user interface should be so designed that the customer with least awareness should also be able to use it. At every step, beginning from login, book search, adding to cart till processing the payment, there should be guidelines helping the user to perform the activity.
Maintainability: This can be included by making sure that the system is available 99.99% of the time in a year. This means the system can down for in whole for 52 minutes in a year.

Online book store


Book search

Customer Login


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