Lab Evaluation 2

  1. identify the relevant software Methodology?

Ans. I think object oriented Methodology suits



  1. List the design Principles that can be embedded in this design ?

Ans  the Following are the design principle

  1.  Cohesion:  Each and every element must be self-sufficient.
  2.         2.  Coupling: we must design this in such a manner that there should be lest amount of                      communication possible.
  3.         3.   Easy to use- this is one of the major features that must be incorporated into this system.
  4.         4.   keep it simple
  5.         5.   Bring objects to life through good visual design.

        6. Always keep your target users in mind as the product is designed.

  1.         7.  Make the interface accessible and visible to users.

        8. Provide the ability to undo and redo actions.

  1.         9.  Maintainable.

        10 reliable.

  1. describe how to embed following features into design – reliability, compatibility, maintainability, usability, affordability.

The transactions between users and the bank for buying of product must be secure


The web pages must be platform independent JSP provides platform independence.


Follow Coding principles Such as comment indentations  etc. that the people who are going to update or maintain the code must be able to so there work without trouble.


Provide Simple user interface so that even a layman can do the transactions.



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