Lab evaluation3- raju

The Different  programing paradigm applicable for framework ONLINE  Book Store are as fallows

The Different elements of coding standards included in

ONLINE BOOK  STORE are as fallows

1)                  We are including COMMENT LINE(Single /Multiple Comments) ,                                                     which helps for future programmer to   understand source code very easily.

2) We are using PAIR Programing concept here in order to avoid more errors at the time of testing.

3) we are also declaring variables with NAME in order  to avoid name complexity in the Program.

4)we are also using Loop for our frame work in oder to more time to consume while retrieving data.

5)Naming the Accesses functions.

6)Assigning member function Visibility.

The following features identified in design of ONLINE BOOK STORE reliability, compatibility, maintainability, usability, afford ability.

    Reliability: in our ONLINE BOOK STORE  framework we are made it very easy for user to login and for    searching different BOOKS ,

we are providing a search engine to search the different books here the mean time to repair (MTTR) is very small i e in the order of 1000ms


compatibility:her  the compatibility means after making some changes to the data base system,will the system  remains same?,

yes which can be done by ADDMINE for updating Books.


maintainability: we are maintaining the system from viruses and hacker by implementing with firewall it will not take more time to repair the the system when it fails

usability:usability are usually testing with the help of test case,

afford ability:Since some of the task in this framework are implemented using open source so its cost

afford ability

1)             Object Oriented programing paradigm.

2)Multi Programing Paradigm.

3) Imperative  programing paradigm.

 Object Oriented programing paradigm:


since we are using object oriented language for developing framework    of ONLINE BOOK STORE ,             so it includes the Object Oriented Programing paradigm,

we are also using some more languages for developing on line BOOK store i e  we are combining            object oriented paradigm with imperative programing paradigm,

For building ONLINE BOOK STRORE so we are also including  Multiprogramming paradigm.


      In Imperative programing paradigm we are actually seeing how the data transferring Between Registers i .e we are analyzing the program in the micro level Thinking   


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