Here we are using the process model called iterative model

Universal design principles:

  1. Equitable use
  2. Feasibility in use-  highly configurable
  3. Simple and intuitive use
  4. Perceptible info
  5. Tolerance for error
  6. Low physical effort
  7. Size and space for approach and use

Reliability can be defined as the probability that a system performs user required functionality correctly at a framework in given period of time.Reliability largely depends on number of faults in the software- online book store.

Maintainability  refers to the easiness of maintaining a software system.Modification to a system for correction of bugs that are found during the operation.And modification to a system due to environment changes i.e upgrade the system software, e.g. the OS and the database management system.How this term relates to design here? Because to know the bugs in the system by software engineers,they should know how the system works so bugs can be fixed and changes in environment can be adapted.For that Well structured design helps s/w engineers to understand the system.

Affordability referes to cost and time duration of the software system. Cost should be affordable ..

Compatibility means our software should be designed in such a manner that can be used by user efficiently.Like Color, language facility, Options etc..overall design should be user friendly.

Usability means here in online book store we are including some details about the book so user can find the book which he needs?



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