lab evaluation -3 anudeep

1)The type of program paradigm used for online web frame work for book store is
object-oriented program paradigm.
The idea of a multiparadigm language is to provide a framework in which programmers
can work in a variety of styles, freely intermixing constructs from different paradigms.
In object-oriented programming, programmers can think of a program as a collection of interacting objects.
it  heps programmer to think on application as a set of concurrent process acting upon logically shared data
So object-oriented is used for online web frame work for book store

2)  Coding standards


Name of variable is in mixed case, starting with lowercase

Global variables starts with “g”.

Class names are in mixed case , starting with uppercase

Class member variables names start with “m_ ”

for ex- void Transform(Book book, Writer writer) {

m_book = book;

m_writer = writer;



Header comment at every function definition is used. This increases code     understandibility

For ex- // This function will add new book to customer cart.

Comments explain WHY instead of HOW.







it will done through online password system


• The system shall support large number of simultaneous users

against the central database at any time.


The software is compatible with different machine as well as different operating system (Mac,Linux etc.). As there can be variety is user.


         the webframe work should be affordable to the user’ should be of less cost .since it is online based it is affordable to user’s.


In case of system failure, system can be restored to previous state.

New features can also be added with very less changes.



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