Lab evaluation 3 Khaja Moinuddin

  1. identify the programming paradigm applicable for the case?

I think web framework for online book store requires object oriented paradigms.

And I am using jsp for writing server side pages and by default it also uses Servlets.


 2 list the elements of coding standards included in this case?

1 Separate class, instance, and local variables.

2 Braces go on their own lines.     

3 Indent at 4 spaces

4 Spaces go around the arguments, not around the keywords

5 Comments must be used not where ever needed

6 Using Javadoc @version

7 Do not use “this”

 3 describe how the following features identified in design were implemented- reliability, compatibility, maintainability, usability, affordability.


                   the server must provide rollback for transactions whenever there is a failure. The system shall be available 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week.


the system must use web pages that are visible 

The system shall support large number of simultaneous users

against the central database at any time.


                 The software is compatible with different machine as well as different operating system (Mac,Linux etc.). As there can be variety is user.


                  The Software is developed using coding standards, so there is less cost in maintainence and testing. At the same time user requirements are also fulfilled.


                  In case of system failure, system can be restored to previous best know configuration.

New features can also be added with very less changes.


the link to github is as follows


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