Lab evaluation 3 – kishore k

The programming paradigm used for creating the Web framework for online book store is been php, which is an scripting language designed for webdevelopment to produce dynamic webpages. the code is interpreted by a webserver with a php processor module which generates resulting web pages.

elements of coding standard included in this case includes

Single and Double Quotes – Use single and double quotes when appropriate. if we’re not evaluating anything in the string, use single quotes. we should almost never have to escape quotes in a string, because you can just alternate your quoting style,

Indentation -indentation would always reflect logical structure. we Use real tabs and not spaces, as this allows the most flexibility across clients.For associative arrays, values should start on a new line.

Brace Style Braces should be used for multiline blocks in the style. if you have a really long block, consider whether it can be broken into two or more shorter blocks or functions. If you consider such a long block unavoidable, we put a short comment at the end so people can tell at glance what that ending brace ends
Regular Expressions
No Shorthand PHP tags – Many servers have shorthand tags disabled for PHP thus by using full PHP tags is safer and best practice
Naming Conventions -Use of lowercase letters in variable, action and function names

online bookstore system will provide a mechanism for searching the available book title database with various criteria. The system will call attention to books in the inventory that are designated as “special” and will allow users to order books online.

The following features identified in design were implemented- reliability- is accomplished by providing feasible gui to the users and username along with password for purchasing books online,compatibility- is accomplished by designing the software is such a manner such that the user can use it from any browser without any loading problems, maintainability – is accomplished by regular updates in the book store availability so that the customer can get the book that he is seaching for in the net, usability is accomplished by making userfriendly gui’s and easy availability of the books in the internet through the software created, affordability- is provided by providing discounts on the books that is been purchased through online.

This project designs an online bookstore provides a web-based interface. It is the graphical user interface. It have a form for user to input query information to search the database. The users interface then pass the input to the control function, which implemented in Java. The control function is designed to process the input from the users interface, generate the searching query and then gets data from the database and returns to the users interface. The control functions also have bridges to search some external real online bookstores. It can generate the query based on the user input and pass them to the commercial bookstore. The bridge can also handle the response from the commercial bookstore and parse the useful information and display to the user in HTML forms.

link of source code:—3


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