lab evaluation 3 – Pooja Pande

  1. Programming parading which can be used in this case is object-oriented. As for the development of the web frame work JAVA will be used and the object oriented programming paradigm supports JAVA well.
  1. Coding standards to be included in this case –

Use full English descriptors that accurately describe the variables/fields/classes. For example,use name like firstName, grandTotal or HelloWorld.

  • Use mixed case to make names readable, class/interface names should be capitalized, first letter of method and variable names should be lower case.
  • Constants should be all capitalized, with underscore to separate the words.
  • Use abbreviations sparsely, but if you do so then use them intelligently. For example, if you want to use a short name for “number”, use like “nbr”, or “num”, document which one you choose for the word “number” and use only that one.
  • Avoid long names (<15 characters is a good idea).
  • Avoid names that are similar or differ only in case
  • Source code structure should be like
    • Beginning comments
    • Package and Import statements
    • Class and interface declarations
  • Wherever appropriate, avoid code that embeds many operations in a single line. 

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