Lab evaluation 3 – Sunny

1)    Programming paradigm applicable to for “Web Framework for online book store”
1)   Objected oriented Paradigms
2)   Multi Programming paradigm

Object Oriented Paradigm (OOP)
OOP is a programming paradigm that uses “objects” – data structures consisting of data fields and methods together with their interactions – to design applications and computer programs. Programming techniques may include features such as data abstraction, encapsulation, modularity, polymorphism, and inheritance.
Some Object Oriented Programming language are JAVA,C++ etc.

Multi Programming Paradigm
Multi programming is a language that supports more than one programming language.
For ex- C# supports both imperative and object oriented features as well as functional programming.
No programming language is enough to develop a project. The idea behind multi programming paradigm is to provide a framework in which programmers can work in a variety of styles. there is an option of  intermixing constructs from different paradigms

2)  Coding standards
Name of variable is in mixed case, starting with lowercase
Global variables starts with “g”.
Class names are in mixed case , starting with uppercase
Class member variables names start with “m_ ”
for ex- void Transform(Book book, Writer writer) {
m_book = book;
m_writer = writer;
Header comment at every function definition is used. This increases code     understandibility
For ex- // This function will add new book to customer cart.
Comments explain WHY instead of HOW.
** Exception classes is suffixed with Exception.

The system shall be available 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week.

• The system shall support large number of simultaneous users
against the central database at any time.
• The system shall provide access to catalog database with no
more then ten seconds .
• The system must be able to complete 80% of all transactions
within 2 minutes.
The software is compatible with different machine as well as different operating system (Mac,Linux etc.). As there can be variety is user.

The Software is developed using coding standards, so there is less cost in maintainence and testing. At the same time user requirements are also fulfilled.

In case of system failure, system can be restored to previous best know configuration.
New features can also be added with very less changes.

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