Lab evaluation3 by shailesh kumar jha

Generally we use multi programming paradigm to implement  for on line bookstore framework. The language such as Java , c#, python. these all language doesn’t stick to a single programming paradigm but they are the hybrid they uses the concept of different programing paradigm. The idea of a multi paradigm language is to provide a framework in which programmers can work in a variety of styles, freely intermixing constructs from different paradigms.The design goal of such languages is to allow programmers to use the best tool for a job, admitting that no one paradigm solves all problems in the easiest or most efficient way.

Google programing coding standard of JavaScript

1 var:declaration always with var
use NAME_LIKE_THIS for constant value
use @const to indicate(non- overwritable) pointer( a variable or     property)
never use the const keyword asit is not supported in internet    explorer
3 semicolons: always use semicolon
4 nested functions : it can be very useful, for example in the creation of continuations and for task of hiding helper function
5 function declaration within a block:never use function declaration within a block as the ECMA doest mainly support scripting language that has got function declaration win a block
6 exception: always try to implement exception handling
7custome exception : yes apply
8 standard features : always prefer non standard feature
9 wrapper objects for primitive types : there is no reason to use wrapper objects for primitive and they are dangerous too.
10 multi- level prototype hierarchies is not referred
11 method and property definition
/** @constructor */ function SomeConstructor() { this.someProperty = 1; } Foo.prototype.someMethod = function() { … };
12 delete : prefer
13 closure : allowed but should be implemented carefully
14 eval() : it can be used only for de serialization
15 with(): with is not allowed
16 this :Only in object constructors, methods, and in setting up closures
17 for -in loop: only for iterating over key in an object
18 associative arrays : never use array as map/hash/associative array
19 multi sting literation : don’t use
20 array and object literals: use Array and Object instead of Array and Object constructor .
21 Modifying prototypes of built in objects :no
22 Internet Explorer’s Conditional Comments : no
23 Naming : in genral use functionNamesLikeThis, variableNamesLikeThis, ClassNamesLikeThis,   EnumNamesLikeThis, methodNamesLikeThis, CONSTANT_VALUES_LIKE_THIS,, and filenameslikethis.js.
24Custom toString() methods: must always succeed without side effect
25 deferred initialization : ok
26 explicit scope : always
27 coding formation : expand for more information
28parentheses only where required
29 strings: preferred
30 JavaScript type: encouraged
31 provide dependencies with goog.provide: only provide top level symbol.
32 compiling: required.

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