ISO 9001 and ISO 9126 for software quality assurance

ISO 9001
ISO stands for International Organization for standardization. ISO 9000 family of standard is related to quality management system and design to help the organization to ensure that they meet the need of customer and the stakeholder. ISO 9001 is an international quality management standard applicable to organization’s process and methods and externally at managing the quality of delivered product and service. Since it is related to delivered product and services so it is also applicable in software quality assurance. ISO 9001 include following quality assurance criteria:
• Quality Management Process
• Resource Management Process
• Regulatory Research Process
• Market Research Process
• Product Design Process
• Purchasing Process
• Production Process
• Service Provision Process
• Product Protection Process
• Customer Needs Assessment Process
• Customer Communications Process
• Internal Communications Process
• Document Control Process
• Record Keeping Process
• Planning Process
• Training Process
• Internal Audit Process
• Management Review Process
• Monitoring and Measuring Process
• Nonconformance Management Process
• Continual Improvement Process
ISO 9126
ISO 9126: software product evaluation provides quality characteristic and guidance for the use-standard. It identifies six key qualities attribute:
• Functionality
• Reliability
• Usability
• Efficiency
• Maintainability
• Portability


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