People Capability Maturity Model

People Capability Maturity Model (P CMM) was first published in 1995. It is a guideline following which an organization can improve is workforce. Here by workforce we mean knowledge, skill and process ability for performing organization business activity, since the nature of software developed by an organization depend on the people those who are all involved in the development of that software so it’s necessary for the organization to follow some guideline, by following which the workforce of an organization can be improved
P CMM consist of 5 level, where each level define certain change in the workforce
• The first level or initial level: In this level there is no fixed methodology to perform the work, the methodology changes with the project. The work is generally done without the good knowledge, how to complete the work, manager doesn’t have any reliable way of estimating the effort required to complete a project.
• The second level is called Managed level: In this level the manager is appointed whose work is to perform certain basic people management practice like staffing and managing performance. This ensure that the people are able to meet there commitment. This level involves the training of the employee to improve their skill.
• The third level or defined level: this level involves the identification and development of knowledge, skill and process abilities that can help the organization to achieve its business goal.
• The fourth level or predictable level: this involves
 Competency Integration: this involves the interaction with the individual from different competency communities. This help in to identify the problem among the product, service or the dependencies and to correct is as early as possible
 Empowered Work Group: The empowered involves the training of its member in the skill and process required for completing the work
 Quantitative performance management: It developed for identifying, measuring and analyzing the performance of the competency based process. The performance data are collected and analyze according to the strategy.
 Mentoring: the purpose of this is to improve the capability of workforce by transferring the knowledge of other individual.

• The fifth level or optimizing level: in this level everyone focus on how they can improve capability and


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