unit -3 distributed development -anudeep

A distributed development project is a research & development  project that is done across many business worksites or locations. It is a form of R&D where the project members may not see each other face to face, but they are all working collaboratively toward the outcome of the project. Often this is done through email, the Internet and other forms of quick long-distance communication.

Distributed Development is a methodology that leverages a common development environment to promote reuse of services, code, processes and technologies and industry best practices adoption for MHS Automated Information Systems (AIS).  To accomplish this, the PEO Joint Medical Information Office Distributed Development team is organizing a series of working group sessions to define System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) activities and underlying tasks and to develop standardized toolkits. The result of this effort will promote reuse throughout the enterprise, increase the speed to market, and reduce overall cost.

The overall approach is to work with all stakeholders as a team to

  • Develop an MHS team product
  • Involve wide participation by all interested organizations
  • Develop a shared solution

In Distributed Development, employees work from various locations and worksites. Through the use of email, the internet, and other communication devices, in this day and age, Distributed Development has become a very popular method of bringing people together on a range of projects. This method is different from outsourcing and subcontracting, where the company pays others to produce work for them. Rather in the Distributed Development model, team members are employees of the company that owns the project. If you want to see a clear cut case of success in Distributed Development, then take a look at the story of how Stack Overflow was created, and see how it affected the overall project. Distributed Development is also a well-known word around companies like Microsoft, whose reach is global and because of this, practical Distributed Development becomes essential to the survival of globally reaching projects.


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