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The New New Product Developement Game

The New New Product Developement Game was proposed by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka in 1986.

Game: A game is structured playing,usually undertaken for enjoyment & sometimes used as an education tool. Games are distinct from work ,which is carried out for remunaration & from art.
Key component of games are goals,rules,challange,& interaction.

In the older approach,a product development process moved like a relay race.

Since the above authors proposed this model.

In this proposed model they followed a development approach of RUGBY game.
Under the RUGBY approach, the product development process emerges from the constant

interaction of handpicked, multidisciplinary team whose memebers work together from start to finish. That means in a field each member should be active and play an important role to reach there goal.

There are 5 factors that provide to achieve goal, they are as follows,

1).Built in Stability.      Ex.Fuji Xerox gave FX-3500 project team two years to come up with a copier that cut costs in half.

2).Self organising Project Team.

  • Self transendence:The project team appear to be absorbed in the never ending quest for the limit.
  • Cross fertilization:All team members are in one room others information become yours without even trying.

3).Overlapping development phasaes.


5).Sutle control & organising transfer of learning.


*It requires extraordinary effort on the part  of all project members throughout the span of the development process.

*It may not apply to breakthrough projects that require a revolutionary innovation.

*It may not apply to big projects.

*it may also not apply to organizations where product development is masterminded by a genius.