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CMMI(Capability Maturity Model Integration) for Services.

CMMI is a process improvement approach that helps organizations to improve their processes.These models are developed by the members from industry and Software Engineering Institute(SEI).

In today’s world, service organizations, make up 80% of the global economy. CMMI for services  model from SEI can help these service organizations in improving their processes and thus making the most of their resources to achieve desired business results. CMMI service model can be used as a guide by service providing organization.

Today’s customers wants their service provider to have a CMMI rating, for this reason SEI has developed a new model for service industry – CMMI for service (CMMI-SVC) .

In its research to help organizations to develop and maintain quality services, the software engineering institute has found several dimensions that an organization can focus to improve its business. The three critical dimensions that organizations typically focus on:people,procedures and method,and tools and equipment.

The CMMI-SVC model contains practices that cover work management, process management,services establishment , service delivery and support, and supporting processes. Well they say that while using these models for organization growth we must use professional judgment and common sense. Organizations interested in evaluating and improving their processes to develop systems for delivering services can use the CMMI-DEV model.

CMMI-SVC model goals and practices are therefore potentially relevant to any organizations concerned with the delivery of services, including enterprises in sectors such as defense, information technology( IT), health care,finance, and transportation.The CMMI-SVC model contains practices that cover work management, process management, service management, service delivery support and supporting processes.

Guys, this is just the introduction of CMMI-SVC model.


Vinayak RH.